Utorrentmui.com is kind of pocket torrent search engine. Website is minimalist and very light to generate as many results as possible in short time. Service supports many popular and big websites that offer torrents for free. Search Engine visits all sites and after script do the job, you receive results for your query in the table.

In some cases you will be able to download torrent directly from this website, but mostly you will need to visit chosen torrent site to download magnet link. I hope this project will help poeple to save time and avoid many annoying adds when you search the Internet for wanted torrent. Instead of it, you can visit one website like this and get tons of results in a few seconds.

Do not be shy and just leave an email message if you want to ask for anything. I would like to improve this torrent search engine, so if you are the owner of torrent site and you want to join us, do not want and contact me via email. We can speak and think how to add your site to my list. After it, torrents from your website will appear in table of results. As you see, it can be good traffic source for you.

The main benefit of this project is you receive a big number of results almost instantly without visiting all torrent websites. Thanks to this torrent search engine you can get tons of results, even if subdomains on popular torrent sites are not indexed by google and you cannot see them in the google search. I hope I will add many fresh sites to my supported list to keep Utorrentmui in good condition and make my visitors satisfied.

As you see it is small project but I would like to improve my service, for example by making this website more user-friendly, more useful and faster. If you have some advices or tips/tricks for me, please click 'contact' and just write to me. Thank you!

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